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Results Sat 27 Feb 2021

Mark Hendry and Rino Piovesan took the honours in last Saturday’s end of month medley stableford, their 44 points giving them the win by one point. Rino was the mainstay for the front nine, recording points on six of the nine holes. The back nine saw the roles reverse with Mark doing most of the scoring. They had 22 points on the front nine and 21 points back for their total.

One point back for runner up was the team of Richard Reardon and Keith Jones on 43 points. They also shared the scoring with a slight lapse on both nines where a mere 1 point was carded and proved the difference between 1st and 2nd.

The day was sponsored by club members, Eric and Shaneen McLellan and the club thanks them for putting up the prizes for the day. Highlight for Shaneen on the day was her score on the 14th hole, quite a difficult hole for the ladies. She needed 5 hits to finish the hole and this added 4 points to their total. Only four 4 pointers were recorded on the day.

The run down went to scores of 42 points with two teams featuring. Mick O’Brien and Keith Allen had two even nines of 21 points for their total with both players taking turns to add to their score. Barry Hughes and Lyle Bryant also had 42 points, 22 out and back in 20. An unfortunate one point hole on both nines didn’t help.

Several events in the future for members to be aware of include a gathering next Sunday at the 8th tee at 11.00 am after Sporters to put the plaque for Bob Watts in place. The following Sunday, the 14th of February is Maureen Bates golf day, a 2 ball Ambrose which is sponsored by Rex Bates. The event is open to all members and there will be a shot gun start at 9.00am. Time sheet for this event is at the club.

Next Saturday is the March monthly medal and putting competition and is sponsored by Beckett’s Pest Control, club member Tod Beckett. In conjunction is the first of three rounds for the Pike Trophy. As we are now in a new financial golf year, players must be financial to win trophies on club days. Time sheet for the monthly medal is on the board.

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