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Results Fri 4 Mar 2022

The Apple & Grape Festival golf days concluded at Stanthorpe with the playing of the 2 person ambrose last Friday. The event was sponsored by Crisps’ Coaches and appreciation to them for the day and to Russell Crisp for participating in the day’s competition.

The uncertain weather and flooding kept a number of intending players away on the day, but still a good field turned out for the event.

Fairly wet conditions on the course and not much run indicated that the going could be tough. With plenty of scores coming in at the par level, a tight finish could have been in order until the team of Darryl Boekholt and Ken Rossington returned 63 ¾ and claim the win. Most holes were parred but both players managed to achieve chip in birdies which was a great help to their scoring.

For quite some time, it looked as though the team of Ian Harvey and N. SueSee (Bribie Island) on nett 68 ¼ had the score to beat but in the end they settled for runner up prize. They also nearly parred the round but the birdies were very elusive. Ivan Juriss and Gregg Steele combined well enough to collect the first run down with 69 ½ and Barry Jones and Marie Cook the final run down with nett 71.

Men’s pin shots were claimed by Dave Pelan at 3, Darryl Boekholt at 12 and Ian Harvey at 17. Ladies’ pins were won by Lyn Ludlow at 12 and Nikki Waterworth at 17, the third not claimed.

The washed out ladies’ Apple & Grape Cup was replayed last Wednesday and good to report the weather stayed fine for the event to be completed. Winner of the Cup was Lisa Stuart, who along with men’s Cup winner, Greg Fraser, will hold the title for two years until the next Apple & Grape Festival.

Club competition returns to normal for next weekend with the playing of the March monthly medal and putting competition. The sponsor for the day is Beckett’s Pest Control, appreciation to Tod. Members should note that the deadline for dues has now passed and if still unfinancial and playing in the event, will be ineligible to win. The time sheet for the day is on the board at the club.

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