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Results Sat 8 Jun 2024

Stanthorpe golfers had the rerun of the monthly medal on Saturday 8 June after the previous week was washed out with heavy rain. This time, there was no rain but everyone who played noticed the cold. The forecast was for 10 degrees and we would have been lucky if it actually got to that. Thanks to Gary Kirby and Andersen’s Carpets for holding over prizes from previous week and sponsoring the day.

The cold didn’t bother the winner, Angelo Maugeri, who enjoyed the cool day and returned the best score of the day, nett 72. His accurate putting had a lot to do with getting into first place. In second place was Aaron Simmers who was one back on nett 73, good enough to take the runner up prize.

Quite a few on nett 74 to feature in the run down with a club voucher presented to Mick O’Brien, Alan Kerr and Kev Rowling.

In the ladies’ event, Mei Bell had a good day as she had the winning score of nett 75 to take first prize, also collecting the approach at 2, NTP at 12 and finally winning the John Green and Brendan McMillan sponsored raffle at the end of the day. Runner up to Mei was Nikki Waterworth who was on shot back on nett 76. Nikki also collected the NTP at 17. In the ladies’ run down, Lorraine Evans and Lisa Stuart were presented with a club voucher. Remaining approach shot at the ladies hole 7 went to Lisa Stuart.

Putting honours were closely contested but coming out with least putts for the men was Alan Kerr with 25 putts and Lisa Stuart for the ladies with 27 putts.

Remaining vouchers presented for men’s pin shots claimed by Scott Constable at 3 and N. Anderson (visitor) at 12. Pro-pins went to Matt Burgess and Greg Tibbs (visitor).

Looking through the scores returned on the day, there seemed to be a higher number of century makers than usual. Possibly the cold had a bigger effect than some thought.

Next Saturday 15 June, a stableford event has been scheduled with the Finch Cup being on offer for the winner. Sponsors for the day are Eric and Shaneen McLellan. Time sheet is available as usual on the club site.

Stanthorpe Sporters

Stanthorpe Sporters golfers played the front nine on Sunday 9 June. It was a glorious sunny morning to start the day but a few clouds developed through the morning, most players donning their jackets.

Paul Armstrong had the best score of the day and his nett 31 secured the winner’s prize. He would also have the best gross score of the day needing 41 hits for the nine holes. The runner up had to be decided with a cut of the cards with both Terry Byrnes and John Rawlings returning nett 32. The cut went in favour of Byrnes. Both players are more than likely to be in the winner’s spot in the next few weeks.

Being the front nine, only one pin shot on offer, that at the third hole. Quite a few players getting very close to the green but no one actually landed on the green, so the ball on offer will be held over for next week.

Next Sunday 16 June, Sporters will be playing the back nine. Tee off at 8.00 am and hopefully a fine day. Invitation to all golfers to come and play the nine hole event, just turn up prior to 8.00 am.

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