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Results Sat 3 Feb 2024

The first Saturday of February 4 was the monthly medal and putting competition for golfers at Stanthorpe. The day was a stroke event and sponsor for the day was Wes Smith Building and we thank Wes for the day’s golf. The days leading up to the Saturday match had been quite hot and humid, and Saturday proved to be just the same.

The men’s event needed the count back to find a winner with Gary Kirby holding out Max Smith after both players returned a nett 69. Both players had fairly even front and back nines but Gary did play some excellent recovery shots after finding himself out of position after the drive.

Featuring in the run down were Jarrod Irwin and Barry Jones, both with nett 71. Best gross score for the day was from Matt Waterworth with 76 off the stick for the round. Double bonus for Matt as he also led the way in the putting competition needing only 26 putts to complete the round.

The ladies event was another win for the ladies’ captain, Lisa Stuart with a nett 77 for the round. Along the way, Lisa also returned best gross for the ladies as well as least number of putts, 26 for the round. Mandy Benussi claimed the runner up after a count back, nett 79 for the day. Her score may have been a little better except for a buggy break down which would not have helped. Also on nett 69 was Nikki Waterworth and with Lyn Ludlow on nett 80, featured in the run down.

Men’s pro-pins were claimed by Ivan Juriss at 1/10, Barry Jones at 5/14 and Jason Bacon at 9/18. Pin shots were won by Brendon Barker at 3, Brad Silver at 12 and Aaron Simmers at 17 (the only decent hit he had just about all day).

Nikki Waterworth had best approach for the ladies at 12 and Lynette Ludlow had the best at 17. Ladies pro-pins to Linda Kelly at 5/14 and Filomena Silver at 7/16.

Congratulations are in order for the winners of the men’s and ladies’ comp and both players qualify for the Medal of Medallists playoff in November.

Those members who played in the competition last Saturday would be aware of the updated speakers at the starter’s box. Fitted and installed by David Stuart, the announcements made were much clearer although some feed back was noted so need to get the operator to stand in the right position. Thanks to David for doing this and we are sure it will make a great difference in the future.

Next Saturday 10 February will be a single stroke event and the day is sponsored by Matt Waterworth and Nikki Waterworth. Time sheet is available on line.

Stanthorpe Sporters

Stanthorpe Sporters golfers assembled for their nine hole competition with the back nine in play for Sunday 4 February. The field was looking a little bare until a few late arrivals turned up to swell the numbers.

Paul Armstrong had the best of the day collecting not only best nett of 26 but also the low gross round on the day, 39 for the nine holes. He was a few shots over at the start of his round but five par holes later steadied the scoring for the round.

Runner up went to Dave Draper and Angelo Maugeri collected for the run down. Although there were two possible pin shots on the back nine, only one was claimed by AaronSimmers with a good tee shot at 12, the only player in the field to reach the green.

Next Sunday 11 February, Sporters will be playing the front nine. Tee off time is at 8.00 am and all are welcome to come and play, just turn up before 8.00 am.

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