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Results Sat 2 Sep 2023

It was monthly medal time at Stanthorpe golf on Sat 2 September, another chance for winners to be entered into the Medal of Medallists in November, only one more medal event for hopefuls to qualify. The day was sponsored by the Golf Club and the day was also the first Saturday event using the new system. Most members seem to have coped with the on-line time sheet and about half the field have taken up the Mi-score option of scoring. Still paper cards available for those who don’t have clever phones.

Some close results in the men’s event with the winning score being nett 69. Tod Beckett had the best of the count back giving him the win over Rino Piovesan. Close to these was Santo Cavallaro with a nett 70 for the run down. Another good result from John Heckenberg, a member from Dorrigo Golf Course who returned a nett 69 to be there with the best dcores of the day.

The ladies’ event was won by Lynette Ludlow with nett 74. This appears to the fourth medal won by Lyn and just made it three in a row. Lorraine Evans collected the runner up prize with a nett 79.

There seems to have been a bit of a speed bump in the reporting of pins and with operators still coming to terms with the new programme. It appears, with no great certainy, that Lyn Ludlow and Christine Hood collected lades pins at 3 and 17. Men’s pin shots won by Matt Waterworth at 3, Angelo Maugeri at 12 and Brendon Barker at 17. Pro-pins for the day went to Scott Constable at 1/10, Dave Burgess at 5/14 and Max Smith at 9/18. Reported also that Mick O’Brien may have held the birdies nest.

Next Saturday’s competition will be a single stableford with sponsors being Neta Thouard and Laraine Gurnett. It will be another day of getting used to the new system, so if there are a few hitches, just remember that a few members are doing extremely well to learn the new way of doing things.

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