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Results Sat 16 Sep 2023

Saturday 16 September competition was a single stroke event for the Newley Family Memorial, an annual event first played in tribute to Laurie Newley who was a greenkeeper at the club and a keen golfer in his time. We thank the Newley family for continuing the event and sponsoring the day.

The men’s event was won by Brendon Barker after he returned a score of nett 67 and beating the club par score on the day. His front nine was two under but and back nine of one over. A good round. In second place was Lyle Bryant, also with a good round of nett 68. A very good front nine but the back nine could have been better. Still good enough to lose a shot on his handicap.

The ladies event needed the count back to find a winner. Lyn Ludlow and Helen Jones both with nett 75 and the nod going in favour of Lyn. Helen settled for runner up.

Men’s pin shots claimed by Darrel Boekholt at 3 and David Burgess at 12. Hole 17 was unclaimed. Pro-pins won by Brendon Barker at 1/10, Michael O’Brien at 5/14 and Richard Reardon at 9/18. Minor prizes for the ladies didn’t make it to the reporting sheet but Mei Bell and Lisa Stuart were presented with vouchers.

The new computerised system is still a work in progress but all seem to be getting better. One thing that members can do after the event is to see where they are positioned in the competition and see who they have better than and who did better than them. Also possible to view the winners and minor place winners to see if they have won something.

This weeks Howard and Sons Canadian Foursomes match could be a bit tricky to set up, but captain Brad is hopeful of getting on top of it. At worst case, it could be back to the old score cards for the comp. For those who have forgotten how to play the event, it is a 2 person team event. Handicap is usually 3/8 of the combined handicaps. At each hole, both players play a tee shot, then a decision to be made as to which ball to play. Once decided, the partner hits the second shot and alternate until the ball is in the hole. Record the number of hits on the card as the score on that hole.

Sponsors for the day are Mal, Terry and Fred Howard.

The Darling Downs Vets golfers are playing at Stanthorpe on Monday 18 September. Course will be closed for majority of the day.

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