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Results Sat 16 Jul 2022

An individual stroke event was played at Stanthorpe golf last Saturday, the day sponsored by the club’s green keeper, Bill Pyne and we thank him for the trophies on the day.

Matt Burgess is keen to lower his handicap and he went a long way in doing this after a good round of 76 off the stick for a nett 67 and be a clear winner of the men’s event. Matt’s front nine included one birdie, unfortunately offset by two bogies. Three over the card for the back nine was a good effort.

With four players on nett 71 for runner up, the count back gave the nod to Kev Rowling by a small margin. Others on the same score settled for the run down.

The ladies’ event saw a return to the winner’s circle for Nikki Waterworth with nett 74, obviously a camping holiday in the middle of winter improves one’s golf. In runner up for the ladies was Lisa Stuart on nett 78.

Minor prizes came in clumps, David Burgess claiming two pin shots, 3 and 17, Nikki Waterworth had two pin shots at 12 and 17, Matt Waterworth collected two pro-pins at 1/10 and 5/14, Scott Constable with one pin shot at 12 and one pro-pin at 9/18. Birdies nest was again unclaimed.

Featuring in the run down were Max Smith, Angelo Maugeri, Mick O’Brien, Helen Jones and Lyn Ludlow.

The event for next Saturday is another individual stroke sponsored by club member, Scott Constable. The word is that a putting competition will be held on the day with Scott offering a very attractive prize. Details will be divulged on the day. The time sheet for the day is on the board at the club with tee off from 11.30 am for the afternoon session.

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