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Results Oct 14 2023

Stanthorpe golfers played an individual stableford event last Saturday 14 October, the day sponsored by club member, Ian Pickering. Thanks to Ian for stepping in at a late hour to take on the day’s sponsorship of the event.

The recent sightings of snakes on the course seems to have had a positive approach on most of the players, everyone being much more accurate and staying on the fairways where the grass is a bit shorter.

The men’s event was rather one sided in the end with Lyle Bryant having a good day on the course and returning a score of 42 points. His front nine finished with 20 points and he added another 22 points on the return journey with a birdie also on the last hole. Runner up was Brent Irwin who also had a good round going but his 39 points fell just a bit short. This is the second time Megsy has taken the runner up spot, shouldn’t be too long before he takes the next step.

The ladies’ event ended in a tie with both Lyn Ludlow and Lisa Stuart returning 36 points on the day, the count back in operation to find a winner which went to Lyn leaving Lisa in second place.

Winners of minor prizes of pin shots, pro-pins and run downs are not available as they were not recorded on the results report for the day. Perhaps the save button or finish button was not pressed. One winner however was Lyle Bryant whose second shot at the last hole was only centimetres from the hole and ensured a definite birdie on the hole. Players who think they are in the running for a minor prize are urged to enquire at the starter’s box next Saturday.

The Stanthorpe Open Carnival is fast approaching with Saturday 28 October and Sunday 29 October being the days of play. Saturday’s event is a 4BBB stableford with a shot gun start and Sunday will be singles events with ladies playing a stableford and men playing a stroke event. The time sheet for both days has been available for some time now and is filling in quickly.

Next Saturday is also a 4BBB stableford, a dual competition on the day. Mixed teams will be playing for the Peirce Trophy which is sponsored by Bob Peirce and men only teams playing for prizes sponsored by David and Stephen of Favero Motors. Again the time sheet is online and the day will be a shot gun start.

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