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Results Sat 28 May 2022

Golfers at Stanthorpe were pleased that the rains had abated allowing for some moisture to drain from the fairways and allowing competition to continue. Two fairways were still waterlogged and a change in course layout was needed for the day’s event which was a 4BBB stableford.

Our sponsor for the day was Australian Vinegar, courtesy of Ian Henderson and we thank him for the day. Not only were the winning prizes offered, but each player also received a logoed golf ball for play on the day.

Winning score on the day was 46 points returned by the team of Max Hunter and Barry Hughes who are both noted for hitting a long way. They were also accurate on the day and they carded 22 points on the front nine. Their back nine was even better, 24 points back and included several birdies along the way.

Runner up was the team of Alan Kerr and Santo Cavallaro who were one boint back on 45. They also managed to card 22 points on the front nine but only 23 on the backward journey. Santo appeared to be the mainstay of the team and no doubt his score will come to the attention of the handicapper,

Matt Waterworth collected for two pin shots, closet at 3 and 12. Alan Kerr had the nearest pin shot at 17. For the ladies, Margie Locke had best second shot at 12 and Lisa Stuart likewise at 17. Pro-pins were won by Mark Hendry at 1/10, Darryl Boekholt at 5/14 and David Burgess a 9/18. The birdies nest at hole 1 was unclaimed. The run down went to scores of 42 points and better.

Not only did our sponsor provide the trophies for the day, Ian also presented the winners with their prize which consisted of an assortment of Australian Vinegar products. For the rest who weren’t in the winners circle, Australian Vinegar products are available for purchase at Woolies.

Next Saturday’s competition is the June monthly medal and putting competition, a stroke event with sponsor being Stanthorpe Meats. The two-tee time sheet will be in operation so intending players should nominate on the sheet and get a preferred start. Tee off will be at the earlier winter time of 11.00 am.

Hopefully the weather continues to improve and allow the course to further dry out, this being written while it is pouring rain outside.

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