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Results Sat 27 Jan 2024

Stanthorpe golfers played their end of month medley 4BBB stableford last Saturday27 Jan, the day being the David Townsend memorial day and was kindly sponsored by club member, Max Hunter and we thank him for putting on the prizes for the day. There was a good field for the day, although no rain as many feared would happen, the afternoon was very hot and humid.

Winning score for the day was 46 points from the team of Hamish Adam and Alan Kerr. Both played very steady golf and both were equal in the number of holes they scored. Very close in second place was the team of Matt Burgess and Andy Burgess 2 points back on 44.

Pin shots were claimed by Barry Jones at 3, Nathan Stibbard at 12 and Barry Hughes at 17. Ladies pin shots won by Linda Kelly at 12 and Lisa Stuart at 17. Pro-pins were won b yu Matt Waterworth at 1/10, Brendon Barker at 5/14 and Matt Burgess at 9/18. Ladies’ pro-pins went to Linda Kelly at 5/14 and to Lyn Ludlow at 7/16.

A special award at the end of the presentation for the lowest score of the day, the prize being a special collection of tees tied together making them easy to find, a speciality that David Townsend used when playing. This award went to the team of Eric Ree and Nathan Stibbard with 33 points. Interesting fact for Eric Ree is that he finished on both extremes of the result sheet over the lat two times the event was held. Last year, he with his playing partner on the day managed to come in first place.

Good to see that a number of players on the day stopped and rested at the 5/14 tee where the plaque is on the seat in the shed. This is the hole that David would often stop at, have a bit of a rest and a chat, something perhaps to eat of drink before he continued on his way.

Our next competition day is on Saturday 3 February and the event is the monthly medal and putting competition. Time sheet again is on-line at the club site.

Stanthorpe Sporters Golf

Stanthorpe Sporters golfers played their Sunday morning nine hole competition last Sunday with the front nine being in play. A warm and humid morning for all and was getting much hotter as the morning progressed.

Dick Hilton had the best of the day, a very liberal handicap of 18 resulted in his win with nett 27 for the competition – only to see that handicap slashed somewhat for his next event.

Playing in the same group was Mark Lynam who must have been inspired by Dick’s play to the extent he collected the runner up prize with nett 28. Along the way, Mark also collected the ball on offer for NTP at the third hole, a tee shot finishing close to the pin. Also, a good putt resulted in a birdie at the hole.

Completing the honours on the day, Stew Rayner collected for the run down and Matt Burgess again had the best gross score for the nine holes, 37 for the round which included a penalty for a lost ball.

Sporters on again next Sunday morning with the back nine to be in play. Tee off time is at 8.00 am and if interested in playing, please arrive about 20 minutes earlier.

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