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Results Sat 23 Jul 2022

Stanthorpe golfers played a stroke round last Saturday, the day sponsored by club member, Scott Constable and we thank him for the day. Scott also held a putting competition at the end of play which was enjoyed by those who participated.

In the men’s event, two players returned a winning score of nett 67, Lyle Bryant and Barry Jones. The count back was again in place to find a winner which went in favour of Lyle Bryant by a very close margin, half a point. Jones settled for runner up prize of the day.

The ladies event saw a return to form for Mei Bell who had the lowest nett score of 71 for the round. A good effort as there is still not a lot of run out on the course. Runner up went to Nikki Waterworth after a count back with Lyn Ludlow, both on nett 74.

Best gross score of the day was returned by Matt Burgess with 80 for the round. On his way, Matt also collected the birdies nest at hole 6.

Pin shots were claimed by Scott Constable at 3, Brad Silver at 12 and Barry Jones at 17. Jones also collected the pro-pin at 1/10, Rob Reeves at 5/14 and Mick O’Brien at 9/18. Lyn Ludlow and Lisa Stuart collect pin shots for the ladies.

The putting competition at the end of the game was a one chance putt to hole out at a fairly lengthy putt, the prize being offered by Scott being substantial, the winner would have their golf membership fee paid for next year, so participants were very keen to give it a good shot. Plenty of excitement for the entrants but alas there was not a winner. As a result, Scott determined that a similar putting contest will be held after the next medal events until someone wins. There will plenty of players out on the practice green trying to improve their putting.

Next Saturday is the end of month medley 4BBB stableford. The day will be sponsored by Ron and Annelle Batterham and a shot gun start at 11.45 am with registration completed by 11.30 am. Time sheet is on the board at the club.

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