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Results Sat 2 Jan 2021

First competition event for 2021 was a stroke event, the January monthly medal and putting contest, in conjunction with the first of two rounds for the Foundation cup.

The course has responded well after some rainfall and credit to Greenkeeper, Bill, for staying on top of the situation. A good grass cover on the fairways and very good greens are always a pleasure to play.

The stroke event was sponsored by club member, Alex Vale, and while we thank him for the trophies, disappointing he could not be in attendance due to the present restrictions on travel.

Winner of the men’s event was Barry Jones after he returned a score of nett 65, seven shots clear of the field. Barry has been known to hit a long ball but occasionally is a bit wayward. He had his sights on line for the front nine, 42 off the stick with only 12 putts needed to set up the win. Back nine was not quite as good but good enough to secure a first single event win.

Runner up was Keith Jones (no relation) who waited for the countback to get the nod over Scott Constable, both on nett 72. Scott did however have the best gross score of 73 and least number of putts, 24 for the round. In the run down, a ball to Paul Mills, Chris Binge, Kev Rowling, Alan Kerr and Aaron Simmers.

The ladies’ winner was Neta Thouard with nett 73. Neta has been vacationing (golfing holiday?) for the last month or so and her return to the fairways was very successful. Along with the best nett of the day, she also had the best gross score of 97 as well as winning the 300 club drawn on the day.

While Keith Jones was the men’s runner up, wife Helen did likewise with her score of nett 76 securing ladies’ runner up and complete a family double on the day. Least number of putts went to Lyn Ludlow, 25 for the round. Lorraine Evans collected the ticket for the ladies run down.

With a second round needed to complete the Foundation Cup, another stroke round next Saturday. The Foundation Cup is decided by best nett score after two rounds so still plenty to play for. The stroke event is being sponsored by Australian Vinegar, club member Ian Henderson. The time sheet for the day is on the board at the club, names in to arrange your starting spot.

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