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Results Sat 15 Aug 2020

Golf competition last Saturday at Stanthorpe was an individual stableford with prizes provided by club member, Ian Pickering, whom we thank for his kind sponsorship.

Possible rain on the day was a bit of worry, however the day remained dry and cold. The fairways were damp from the overnight rain and scoring was expected to be rather difficult through the day. First time for quite a while that no player at all returned 40 or more points.

Ken Hinze did return the best men’s score of 38 points to take the main prize of the day. Ken has been noticed out on the course playing some practice rounds and tuning his game. Hard work paid off on the day. Hayden Smith and Matt Waterworth both returned a nett 37 with the countback giving Hayden runner up and Matt settling for a run down.

Keith Barnett (36 pts), Leighton Thurston (34 pts) and Santo Cavallaro (34 pts) also collected prizes in the run down.

Nikki Waterworth won the ladies event after returning a score of 33 points. Runner up to Lorraine Evans with a score of 30 points. Nikki's nine holes out (16)and the back (17) were very steady while Lorraine had a better front nine but found the going much harder on the return journey, recording 12 points.

The ladies run down included Helen Jones, Sandra Morris and Neta Thouard, all with 29 points.

The time sheet for the men’s and ladies’ foursomes championships is available at the club with play to be held on Sunday 23 August from 9.30 am following Sporters. Arrange a partner and enter nominations onto the time sheet.

A single event will be played next Saturday and the time sheet is available at the clubhouse.

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