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Results Sat 4 Jun 2022

Golfers at Stanthorpe were again at the mercy of the weather last Saturday when play was set for the June monthly medal and putting competition. The rearranged course was showing signs of drying out somewhat and that the competition might proceed.

Friday night resulted in a heavy downpour which saturated the course and put the drying out process back several weeks. Buggies were banned from the fairways and walking was going to be difficult plus there was a very distinct chance of rain during the day which deterred most from even trying to get out on the course.

The day’s competition was cancelled and there were no takers even to attempt walking the course. In a hopeful state, the monthly medal and putting competition has been rescheduled to the coming Saturday and a few clear days might improve the quality of the course. A new time sheet for the day has been posted at the club and golfers who intend to play in the event are invited to add their names onto the time sheet.

Apart from that, we can only hope for some reasonable days weather wise and that a downpour does not occur later in the week.

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