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Results Sat 29 Jan 2022

Over the last week, Stanthorpe golfers played two events, last Saturday being a 4BBB stableford played for the David Townsend memorial trophy. The day was sponsored by the Sherrin family and we thank them for the day, Jenny for presenting the winners prizes and George for playing in the event on the day.

With three teams returning 43 points, the countback was in operation to find a winning team. With the best score on the back nine, Max Smith and Gary Kirby were very happy to receive the trophy and the prize. Runner up was Ron Batterham and Chris Binge and in third place was Travis Burton and Eric Ree.

Men’s pin shots went to Santo Cavallaro at 3, Keith Jones at 12 and Barry Hughes at 17. No takers for the ladies at 3 but Linda Kelly cleaned up the rest at 12 and 17. Pro-pins went to Scott Constable at 1/10, Nick Casey at 5/14 and Mark McCosker at 9/18. Max Smith and David Burgess shared the birdies nest at 11.

In the run down, a ball to all teams with 41 points and better and included Lorraine Evans and Alan Kerr, David Burgess and Andrew Burgess, Scott Constable and Ivan Juriss and Rod Werner and Eric McLellan.

Next Saturday is the February monthly medal and putting competition, the day being sponsored by Wes Smith Building P/L. Time sheet for the event is on the board at the club.

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