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Results Sat 16 Oct 2021

Stanthorpe golfers turned out for their Saturday competition and were informed of some slight changes to the local rules. Preferred lies were limited to closely mowed only on the fairway in play and bunker play is back to normal. Only small alterations but conditions have been toughened up somewhat and with a solid breeze blowing, anything was possible.

The event being played was an individual stableford and the day was sponsored by Dep’s Beautiful Nails and the club thanks them for the great prizes on the day.

The final outcome of the day gave a win to Nathan Stibbard with a very good 39 points. Next best was from Scott Constable with 35 points, a score which looked like the winning score for most of the day, but ended up as runner up.

Kay Webb ended with two Saturdays for two wins with the best ladies’ score of the day. Margie Locke was heard to be unhappy with her round on the day, but it was good enough to claim runner up for the ladies after a count back with Marie Cook on the same score. Marie settled for a run down.

Men’s pin shots went to David Burgess at 3, Ian Harvey at 12 and Nathan Stibbard at 17. Lisa Stuart claimed the only pin shot for the ladies at 17. Alan Kerr collected the pro-pin at 1/10, Scott Constable at 5/14 and Mark Hendry at 9/18. The birdies nest at 18 was unclaimed.

In the run down, a ball each to Mark Hendry, Keith Jones, Alan Kerr, Aaron Simmers and Marie Cook.

The Open weekend has arrived with competition over two days on the weekend. Saturday is the medley 4BBB stableford, with shot gun starts, first one early am and then 11.45 am for the afternoon. Sunday’s event is stroke for men, stableford for ladies, both with a time sheet start. Players are requested to be registered well before their tee off time.

Sponsors for the Stanthorpe Open are Maddies Gift Galley, a long time sponsor of the event, City Golf Club and Tenterfield Golf Club. With some players expected from Tenterfield GC, it is hoped that the border will allow travel from that area.

Thanks to the members who volunteered to help in the preparation of the course for the Open. Under the supervision of the Greenkeeper, Bill, and Keith Jones, members have been seen on the course with whipper-snippers, gardening tools, paint and brush and the collection and disposal of rubbish to ensure the course is well presented. Appreciation to those who helped out in any way.

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