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Results Sat 1 Oct 2022

The October monthly medal and putting competition was held at Stanthorpe last Saturday, a stroke round with the winner qualifying for the Medal of Medallists later in the year. Overhead clouds and a short rain shower just before starting time put a few players off, but the day’s play was dry, just a bit on the cool side. The day was sponsored by club member, Michael Lane of Amcal and we thank him for providing the trophies of the day.

Scott Constable played in the am time slot and it appears he has his game back in order after a very good 73 off the stick for a nett 71 to be declared the men’s winner on the day. Considering there was no run at all on the course after the overnight rain, a very good round indeed. Scott also had the best gross round of the day. Eric Ree was another to have a good round and he was one shot back on nett 72 to claim runner up.

The ladies’ medal event went to the count back after Marie Cook and Margie Locke both returned nett 76. The outcome was a half shot win to Marie with Margie settling for the runner up prize. Marie also had the low gross round for the ladies.

The putting competition winners were Richard Reardon needing 26 putts in the men’s section and Lisa Stuart needing only 28 putts for her round.

Mick O’Brien collected the pin at 3 and Keith Jones likewise at 12. The pin at 17 was unclaimed as was the birdies’ nest. Lisa Stuart cleaned up all three of the ladies pins, 3, 12 and 17. For the pro-pins, Scott Constable collected at 1/10, Darryl Boekholt at 5/14 and Matt Burgess had best shot at 9/18.

In a lengthy run down, Helen Jones, Stephen Kay, Mick O’Brien, Aaron Simmers, Keith Jones, Richard Reardon and Darryl Boekholt all claimed a trophy.

Players are reminded of the Open carnival fast approaching and time sheets are available at the club. For a preferred tee time, nominate as soon as possible.

Next Saturday is a single stableford event which is sponsored by Wilshire & Co, courtesy of Todd Wilshire. The time sheet is on the board at the club, hopefully not too much rain on Friday night.

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